How to easily create canvas transfers & replica paintings

Discover the secrets of creating canvas transfers, prints on canvas and replica paintings that look just like originals.

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Creating your own canvas transfers and replica paintings is a lot easier than you ever imagined !

The complete manual on creating your own canvas transfers and painting replication techniques.
Secrets of Faking It
Format: PDF eBook
Printable: Yes
Pages: 102
Illustrations: 110
Price: $19.00
Immediate download: 24/7

You don't have to be an artist to make beautiful copies of famous paintings. Now, there's a much easier way that is fun, creative and very rewarding.

Using art prints and artists' materials, Secrets of Faking It will show you how to easily create your own painting reproductions on canvas with the brush strokes, look and feel of an original.

If you're an absolute beginner with a passion to learn, then this eBook manual is written for you. Secrets of Faking It is a 102 page manual packed with new techniques, step-by-step instructions and over 100 photographs and illustrations. An illustrated tools and suppliers list is also included, together with a small shopping list of inexpensive tools and materials that you will need for your first project.

If you can follow step-by-step instructions with how-to photographs, then you can create stunning painting reproductions that can't fail to impress. The Secrets of Faking It manual can be download immediately as a PDF eBook. Once you've downloaded the eBook, you'll be able to print out your own hard copy and be ready to embark on an adventure.

"19 bucks well spent! Your documentation is very easy to understand, and does not miss a thing!"
Colin. Dec 2010

All of the canvas transfer and replication techniques can easily be done at home, on the kitchen table, without having to buy any expensive equipment whatsoever. Creating your own canvas transfers and replica paintings is a great way of gathering a collection of your favourite art. It's not only creative and fun, but can also lead to an extra income or a home based business. Accordingly, the manual devotes a chapter on how you can sell and market your painting reproductions in the high street and on the internet.

"I'm reading your book and thoroughly enjoying it, your attention to detail is excellent and the instructions easy to follow."
Elaine. Jan 2010

You will discover how to replicate all the details that you would expect to see in an original canvas paintings, including raised brushstrokes, ageing effects, hairline cracks and everything else to complete the picture.

"I'm still perfecting the transfer! I love it and I love how it looks! "
Catherine. Jan 2008

Amazon Best Seller

Shortly after its first publication in 2006, Secrets of Faking It (ISBN 0-9552422-0-7) became the Amazon Best Seller in the Art Reproduction category. Since that time, the manual has grown from 80 to 102 pages and has become a key reference source for beginners, artisans and professionals alike. Please note that currently, Secrets of Faking It is only available exclusively from this web site as an Adobe PDF eBook and not a printed book.

"I've read through most of your book already, congratulations! very well written and easy to follow and understand."
Migdalia. Mar 2006

Low Cost - High Rewards

You don't need to buy any expensive tools or equipment to produce valuable looking replica paintings. You just need an art print, some artist's materials, artist's canvas and the Secrets of Faking It.

Why pay for canvas transfers and reproduction paintings when you can easily create your own at a fraction of the cost and with the authentic look and feel of an original ? All the techniques have been well proven, demonstrated and tested and have been used to create replica paintings sold to discerning individuals, collectors and the trade throughout Europe and the US.

Secrets of Faking It can also be used to develop new skills that can be used start a home based business or to compliment your existing art business.

"I think the whole thing is fantastic. I've been oil painting "the hard way" for years and can't wait to experiment with this 'new technology'."
John. May 2006

What Type of Art Print Do I Buy ?

Creating high-end canvas transfers and painting reproductions has never been easier. It's the most affordable way of gathering a collection of your favourite art. There are over 500,000 art prints from which you can choose and your favourite paintings are sure to be amongst them.

The techniques used in Secrets of Faking It rely on using the most popular and least expensive type of art print, which is produced by a process known as offset lithography. Litho prints are printed on fairly thick, acid free paper using light fast inks that are insoluble in water and are perfectly suited to the techniques used in the manual.

Art prints are also produced using other printing methods, some of which use inks that are not light fast and these art prints should be avoided. Before buying your art print in the high street, ask if it's a lithographic print before purchase. If you're buying your art print online, use a well known reputable merchant such as or


Free Support

When you're learning something new, especially from a book, it's nice to know that help is at hand if needed. As a registered reader, you will receive my free personal support should you encounter any difficulties with any of the painting replication techniques. You only have to ask by email and I'll promptly respond to you personally.

"Well, off to study my new book. I find the price so reasonable - I am totally thrilled to locate you on the internet. I tried searching for canvas transfer - photo transfer - etc, and pulled up nothing. I just kept putting in different searches using all the web engines I could think of and located you. Yippee !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Linda. Dec 2006

What Experience Do I Need ?

If you have no previous experience in creating prints on canvas, canvas reproductions and replica paintings, then this manual is designed for you. If you have average skills and patience, then you should have no problems. If you are creative, or have even a little experience in arts and crafts, then you will have a head start.

As your interest grows, the manual will also show you how to stretch canvas, how to make your own picture frames, how to make professional looking picture name plates, as well as simple tools that you can easily make yourself for replicating paintings to the finest detail.

"I was so excited to find your site. I have been looking all over the web trying to find instruction on how to do canvas transfers."
Jeanette. Jun 2007

How's It Done ?

Detail of image embedded into artists canvas

Detail of print image embedded into canvas

Canvas Transfer: An art print is an exact two dimensional copy of an original painting and captures all the colour, accuracy and detail from the brush strokes of the original artist. An art print is therefore an important ingredient towards creating life like and convincing painting reproductions.

Step by step, Secrets of Faking It will show you how to easily transfer the image from an art print onto real artists canvas. After this step, the canvas texture will become an integral part of the image.

The manual describes a new canvas transfer technique that can easily be done at home without needing any expensive equipment like a heat or vacuum presses. Also, unlike other techniques, you won't have to paint on any plastic coatings or films to transfer the image to canvas. With my technique, all the colour and beauty of the art print is retained with nothing added. You'll be seeing pure pigment on canvas that looks just like artists paint on canvas.

If the original painting, or print, shows no sign of raised brushwork or ageing, then your canvas reproduction is almost complete. You'll just need to add several thin coats of varnish that will protect and enhance the beauty of your masterpiece.

"Thank you, Clive for your helpful reply to my original art question ! and thank you for your personal interest. I always do paint my original painting on canvas. But I was hoping to sell prints of that painting, which would be faster. However, you've got me thinking... And I may just paint several originals. It seems so obvious, but I never considered it ! Thank you for opening my mind !"
Jeannine. Mar 2008

Applying brushwork to image embedded in canvas.

Applying brushwork to
image embedded in canvas

Enhanced Canvas Transfer: For paintings with raised brush stokes, you will discover how to easily add convincing brushwork giving a three dimensional quality to the canvas. Brushwork emphasises the colour with peaks, highlights and shadows. The picture now comes alive with the look and feel of an original painting.

You will also discover new techniques and tools that you can make for applying brushwork for the very finest of detail, such as blades of grass, hair, leaves, the tracery of branches, ropes, rigging etc.

Old master oil paintings often have a patina of age or a network of hairline cracks in some areas of the paint surface. You will discover how to add these, and other effects, which adds a further dimension of realism.

To complete the canvas, artists varnish is applied to provide protection against dust, grime and ultraviolet light. Varnishing also tends to brighten the colours and enhance the brushwork with a transparent depth and richness.

The Secrets of Faking It explains even more techniques for easily creating replica paintings, as summarised in this section.

" are awesome! Excellent customer service ...and very quick response!"
Jackie. Jun 2007

Displaying Your Work

Secrets of Faking it includes chapters with illustrated step by step instructions on:

How to Stretch Canvas
Stretching your canvas around stretcher bars, that can be purchased from arts and craft stores. The stretched canvas can be displayed without a frame, often known as museum wrap. Alternatively, the stretched canvas can be fitted to a picture frame in the traditional way.

How to Make Picture Frames
There's lots of alternatives for having your picture framed. Obviously you can go to a picture framer. Alternatively, there are companies that make the frame pieces ready for you to assemble yourself. You can also discover how to make your own picture frames and develop a further skill.

How to Make Picture Name Plates
To complete your framed masterpiece, a picture name plate attached to the picture frame provides that authentic finishing touch. The manual describes a new technique on how you can easily make picture name plates by transferring the lettering from your printer to brass, wood, plastic and other materials. The name plate provides the title of the picture and the name of the original artist.

"Thanks so very much for sending the update. It works fabulously. The info is very helpful and very well laid out."
Lynne. Jul 2007

Selling Your Art

The replica paintings and reproductions that you create are originals in their own right. With practice, all the techniques can be quickly learned and your interest can easily be converted into extra income or a profitable business, especially with the growing demand for top quality prints on canvas and replica paintings.

The manual devotes a chapter to selling your replica paintings and creating a value added package to encourage repeat orders and new commissions. You'll also find some more ideas under Selling Your Art.

There are lots of outlets for selling your work including friends, family, colleagues, hotels, restaurants, galleries, antique shops, offices, reception areas, interior decorators, picture framers and poster shops - to name just a few. With your own web site, you can also sell on-line with your own shop window to the world.

"Thank you for your quick response. Your book was amazing - you obviously take pride in all your creations!"
Catherine. Aug 2007

Great Value Package at Just $19.00

bullet Contains valuable, original content for creating stunning replica paintings
- novel canvas transfer technique.
- brushwork tools and techniques.
- how to fake age and realism.
- varnishing.
- and lots more.

bullet A complete teach-yourself manual
- step-by-step instructions.
- lots of helpful illustrations.
- tools materials and suppliers' list.
- lots of hints and tips.

bullet Low cost - High rewards
- no expensive equipment needed.
- readers' feedback reports high personal fulfillment and satisfaction.
- everything can safely be done at home with no special facilities.
- helpful hints and tips for selling and presenting your work.
- high profit margins on sales.

bullet Print out your own hard copy of the book

bullet Free email support. We're there to help you succeed !

bullet Guaranteed for 8 weeks - or your money back

"... boy, did I get my money's worth with you !!!!! "
Katy. Oct 2007


100% no risk money back guaranteeI'm so convinced that you will be absolutely delighted with Secrets of Faking It and the replica paintings that you will be able to create, that I'm offering you a full 8 weeks, 100% money-back guarantee.

If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, you will be issued with a prompt refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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